Are they real pearls?

Yes, they are. We only sell real pearls

Are they fresh water pearls for sea pearls?

We have both fresh water pearls and sea pearls

Do you have certificate for pearls?

Yes, we do. The certificate is issued by an authorized agency.

How to clean and keep pearl shiny?

The pearl should be kept away from chemical products as perfume, lotion.

Do you have other gems stone?

Yes, we have diamonds, ruby, topaz…

Do you have any discount if I buy a lot?

We have regular promotions which are made public in due course. Pls follow us on our fanpage huong’s jewellery.

Do you issue membership card?

Yes, we do. Please visit us for more details.

Can I do online shopping?

Yes , you can. However, for best interest of the customers, we are trying hard to lauch the online shopping, starting mid Dec, 2016.

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